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3 thoughts on Hemda Would Love to Hear From You…

  1. The best acupuncturist I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been in a lot of pain after car accident, back, neck, knee problem. I couldn’t sleep at night. After few visits of acupuncture therapy I’m soooo much better. I can finally sleep and function without severe pain. I will keep continue visiting Hemda’s acupuncture office! And on the top of it, Hemda is a real professional with years of experience. She became my friend, her warm heart and kindness gained my trust and friendship! Thank you Hemda!!!

  2. I found Hemda a couple years ago when I was really weak and worn out. She has helped me immensely to improve my digestion, strength, and regulate my menstrual cycle.
    She has a gift for diagnosing and she treats with her whole heart.

  3. Hemda is a gifted healer. I visit her for back relief and asthma. I feel like a new person after her treatments

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