Acupuncture Treatments Can Help With:


Acupuncture can treat most sport injuries without chemical or harsh invasive surgeries, plus it prevents the athlete from any further injuries. It also helps them to achieve a more productive work out, and muscle training without any injury since acupuncture helps muscles to be more flexible and strengthen the tendons the same time. It also builds stamina and raises your metabolism to have more energy during your work out.

Infertility and any GYN imbalance

Acupuncture can balance and regulate your monthly cycle to have a healthy pregnancy. We can balance your hormones and blood circulation to prevent cramps, PMS, and prevent any Genealogical disease, like ovarian cyst or uterine imbalance. We believe every GYN disorder comes from a different root. I always focus care to resolve the root of every disorder.

Weight management

Our first note to help a patient to lose weight is to treat and harmonize the liver and spleen so your metabolism can work correctly. This way you avoid unnecessary Yo-Yo diets and harming your digestive system. Acupuncture works on stress levels to calm the liver and control the appetite. By harmonizing your spleen acupuncture can reduce inflammatory factors that produces extra fat and water deposit. Articular acupuncture or Ear acupuncture helps you lose weight by reducing the appetite and calming your anxiety and balancing hormonal issues.


Removing toxins from liver and lungs not only helps allergies, but also liver cleansing can benefit blood and every single organ in the body.

Digestive disorders

Good Digestion is the key to your health and wellness. Absorption of vitamins and nutrients is vital and essential to your well-being. One of my biggest challenges was dealing with IBS, constipation and Acid Re-flux since I was personally dealing with them for a long time. Acupuncture was like a miracle for me. Acupuncture can play a huge rule in regulating your digestive system and help you stop a lot of unnecessary medication.


By placing five ear seeds in the ear (Articular Acupuncture), we can reduce the craving with a high rate of success.

Chronic pain

You can avoid pain medications and sleepless nights from pain just by managing your condition with your acupuncturist. Acupuncture almost never fails in this matter. Nothing could make my becoming an Acupuncturist more meaningful than seeing a patient with no more pain.

Depression and emotional problems.

By balancing your energy or Qi movement, we can create harmony in our body and spirit energy as well as mental health, as long as the Qi flows smoothly through our organs. We should never ignore an emotional disorder. In my experience the most important part of this treatment is the diagnosis. In my career this issue has been the most rewarding experience. It is always great to see my patients taking less medication and having a happier life.

Cold & flu, Sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma

Strengthening the immune system is always my number one treatment in all cases. Doing this naturally by getting acupuncture regularly as a life style will make you be less vulnerable to viruses and infectious diseases.

Facial treatment and rejuvenation with massage and acupuncture

It literally turns the clock back on your aging and underneath issue. It's not only about your face, but to also rejuvenate and vitalize your internal organs. By having a better water metabolism, your cells re-hydrate more efficiently and you loose your wrinkles naturally. You can look naturally younger without using any harsh chemical or surgical procedures.

Migraines, headaches, palsy, neuropathy

Acupuncture treats migraines by adjusting the Qi movement to the head and upper extremes. Remember every time the Qi movement is out of balance, pain and disease occurs.

Neck pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, low back pain

Releasing the muscle tension around injured areas is first step to treat any physical pain. Eventually we work on tendons, joints and injuries to improve the healing process. By releasing the energy in the area of pain and sending Qi and blood to the injured location, we expedite and facilitate the healing process. Usually after the first treatment, the patient experiences extreme relief from pain, but the idea is to heal completely aside from pain relief.

Knee pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis

Long term herniated or bulging discs can end up pinching nerves and muscle spasms and eventually chronic back, knee and sciatica pain. Our 2500 year old technique of acupuncture for treatment of knee pain is still winning the challenge of knee treatment without any chemical interference. This is probably one of most successful treatment of my profession.

And many other disorders

Accupuncture 365 treatments available