Empire Blue Cross


Empire Blue Cross has been a leader in providing acupuncture coverage.  Now eligible members can receive coverage in the New York area. Empire Blue Cross has been working closely with the acupuncture community to increase the number of contracted providers and Acupuncture 365 is proud to be an in-network, licensed provider of acupuncture.

How Coverage with Empire Blue Cross Works with Acupuncture

Some Empire Blue Cross health plans may only cover acupuncture when it is medically necessary and prescribed by your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe acupuncture to treat either of the following:

  • Chronic pain that has lasted at least six months and did not respond to more conservative forms of treatment, like drugs or physical therapy
  • Nausea due to surgery or chemotherapy

If you contact Empire Blue Cross, they can make it easy for you to get answers to your health questions concerning coverage for acupuncture treatments. If you are already a member, you then already have online access to participating acupuncturists like those at Acupuncture 356 as well as obtaining a variety of health resources.

If you do not have health insurance, Empire Blue Cross may be able to offers a range of health plans to meet your needs and budget.  To see how Acupuncture 365 can help you use your Empire Blue Cross benefits at our Plainview, Great Neck and West Hempstead locations, complete the quick contact form to the right and one of our professionals will be in contact with you.