Medical Massage


What is Medical Massage?

Today people try to achieve a more holistic way of helping an ailment, and medical massage is now becoming more prevalent as an answer. It’s becoming more common for the health profession to include a medical massage into a patient’s treatment plan and specifically prescribed by a doctor. Medical massage covered by insurance is also a more common reality.
Medical massage can relieve muscle tension, increase circulation, relieve nerve issues, decrease pain, improve posture and coordination, facilitate range of motion, and more.
Unlike ancient massage, medical massage focuses on a specific diagnosis as a part of the physician's treatment, and might be suggested to alleviate illnesses like carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines. A medical massage is not administered any different than a spa massage, however it is meant to apply varied massage techniques to specific areas of a patient based on a physician’s directive.

What Does a Medical Massage Therapy Treat?

Each medical massage therapy session is targeted to treat your individual health problems. If you have been diagnosed with a sports injury, muscle sprain or strain, arthritis, nerve issue, asthma, bronchitis, headaches or migraines, anxiety, or depression then a medical massage therapy session specifically degsigned for your needs will be administered.
Anyone interested in a medical massage therapy routine is asked to consult first with your physician before we develop a treatment plan.  We make medical massage therapy available in our Great Neck, Plainview and Hempstead offices.

Benefits of Medical Massage

Found to have long lasting effects and provide relief in a short amount of sessions, medical massage, like a regular massage, is nice for destressing and relaxation. It can also provide healing from a range of problems like:

  • stress relief
  • pain relief
  • improve blood circulation
  • increase energy
  • improve digestion
  • increase a sense of calmness
  • improve posture
  • alleviate headaches
  • assist in treating injuries

Medical massage therapy, like many various treatments, offers you a holistic, mind-and-body approach. Overall you can experience strain relief, emotional healing, and different advantages that naturally go with any holistic approaches.

Is a Medical Massage Covered By Insurance?

In most cases, Yes! Your insurance might cover half or even all of your visits for medical massage therapy especially is it specifically prescribed by your doctor. This is a reason that medical massage is widely sought after as a alternative medicine. Medical massage covered by insurance can be further determined by contacting your doctor or your insurance supplier. For more information about our medical massage treatment plans, complete our quick contact form.

A medical massage therapy treatment, available in our Plainview, Hempstead and Great Neck offices, can help with pain in specific areas of the body naturally.

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