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If you are a new patient please print, read, and sign following  forms to expedite your first visit.


Acupuncture has been in practice for over 2,000 years.  It is one of the oldest known healing methods. It is a system of alternative healing methods that are based on balancing imbalances in the mind and body.  These imbalances are caused by blockages in the free flow of qi (energy) and blood.  An acupuncturist uses fine sterile thin needles which are gently inserted in specific anatomic areas called acu-points in the body to stimulate the body's own healing properties and promote the free flow of energy.  Acupuncture only stimulates your own body immune system and metabolism to heal itself.  God created us perfectly balanced and healthy, we are designed to be healthy and our body is designed to fix itself.  It is in our nature to heal, buy unfortunately, one’s life style, food choices and stress can destroy this harmony and balance.  The result is pain, sickness and diseases. What acupuncture really does is balances our own body’s healing system,  forcing and encouraging the body to heal itself.  All we do is give the body its own natural ability to renew, rejuvenate and heal without chemical and unnatural interference.

As trained acupuncturists, we will review your medical history, gather information on current/chronic imbalances, check your pulse, look at your tongue and palpate meridian channels and points. This usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes. Once these steps are completed, you will then lie down or sit if you prefer and treatment will start.

The treatment includes one or more of these modalities:

Acupuncture, acu-pressure, cupping, Gua-sha, electrical stimulation, Tui-na (Chinese massage) and heat Infar Lamp therapy.

It is normal to feel the needles and to be aware of them, but you should not feel any pain or unpleasantness. You may experience: movement in your body, tingling feeling, heaviness at the needle site, warmth or coolness.

It is best to have a meal about one hour or more before an acupuncture treatment.

Please wear loose-fitting clothing. The treatment may last approximately 60 minutes.

New Patient - Acupuncture Great Neck 11021, 11023, 11024 and 11026

If you’re a new patient in Great Neck affected by aches and pains, the acupuncturists at Acupuncture 365 will assist you with a custom therapeutic session. Our acupuncturists are seasoned in the proper ways to administer all Chinese therapeutic treatments.  Our acupuncturists in Great Neck 11021, 11023, 11024 and 11026 offer therapeutic sessions to all new patients and existing patients  that are typically painless and can quicken relief of the issues plaguing your body and your mind.

Our facility is a clean and bright atmosphere with friendly employees eager to serve you. Our goal is to satisfy each customer, especially a new patient by providing a number of the simplest treatment while paying attention to all the details.  Check out our flexible appointment times by contacting us online today.

Acupuncture 365 offers you the chance to treat yourself to a soothing acupuncture treatment in Great Neck 11021, 11023, 11024 and 11026.  During each session we create a safe and comfy environment for your acupuncture treatment.  We cater to all with fast response times to calls and inquiries.  Our office hours for Great Neck are Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am to 8pm.  Call for an appointment today at 646-234-2775 or contact us online today!