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As an acupuncturist, we believe there is no separation between your physical and emotional health.  As  HOLISTIC HEALERS, we treat you as a whole, to us no emotional or physical diseases happen without effecting the other one.  Our body and spirit are considered one to us, and every element of your health depends on others. You can’t heal or treat the body without considering the emotional and spiritual aspect of a patient.

Every human being is born unique, and in our life journey we establish our unique body and spirit as we grow, feel and experience life and different emotions. Everyday eating habits, our life style and our emotional state are building blocks of our being. We are like a building that is born with a specific foundation and every day we continue to grow with another block of our daily activity, life style, food and emotion, at the end not two human beings are same. How can we treat them with the same medicine? No two headache comes from the same source, but we only have one pain killer for all the pains. Unlike common medicine, acupuncturists treats every individual based on his/hers independent being. We develop a special, unique protocol of treatment for every patient. That is where I drew the line between western and eastern medicine.

Make health your number one priority this year! 
Welcome to Acupuncture 365 where we treat chronic pain, fatigue, depression, addiction, and many other disorders with the natural and ancient art of acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient science that releases the chi or energy blockage in the body to allow the energy to move through the body smoothly.

Smooth movement of chi and blood in the body result in harmony, balance and natural well being.

Our Mission
Our mission and passion are to introduce patients to the benefits of acupuncture and educate them to live a healthier lifestyle. Experiencing life to its fullest is truly a passion of Acupuncture 365, and with good health anything is possible.

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